Unopened Super Mario Bros. Game Brings Record $2 Million

An unopened Super Mario Bros. cartridge for Nintendo’s NES game console has sold for a record $2 million, or about $1.7 million. The buyer prefers to remain anonymous.

According to the sales platform Rally, where the game was for sale, the packaging had never been opened and was in exceptional condition. The game’s condition was rated 9.8 A+ on the Wata scale, according to Engadget, making the game as good as new.

Rally told The New York Times that this unopened cartridge of Super Mario Bros. purchased in April 2020 for $140,000. Last year, an offer of $300,000 was declined. The offer of 2 million dollars from an anonymous buyer was accepted.

The sales platform does not work in the manner of traditional auction houses. It buys collectibles and offers interested parties the option to buy shares of these objects. When an offer is made on an object, Rally first asks for permission from the shareholders before it can be sold for the offer.

It’s not the first time a Nintendo game has broken records. Last month, an unopened Nintendo 64 cartridge of Super Mario 64 brought in $1.56 million. That is converted over 1.3 million euros and was a world record at the time. The world record for that was $870,000 for a The Legend of Zelda cartridge for the NES. Super Mario Bros. was released in Japan in 1985 for the Nintendo Entertainment System.