Gigabyte hit by ransomware attack by hacker collective RansomEXX

Taiwanese tech company Gigabyte was hit by a ransomware attack last week. That writes Bleepingcomputer. According to the site, the hacker collective RansomEXX is behind the attack and threatens to publish sensitive data from the company.

A source close to Bleepingcomputer sent a link to a closed webpage of the hacker collective RansomEXX. The attack is claimed on this and the demands are made. According to the source, 112GB of data was stolen from Gigabyte’s intranet. Much of the data would be covered by a nondisclosure agreement. The hackers threaten to publish everything.

BleepingComputer was shown four screenshots of documents covered by a nondisclosure agreement. One of the documents featured debug information about American Megatrends products, others covered the “potential issues” of Intel products, the Ice Lake D SKU update schedule, and an AMD revision guide.

The attack caused the company’s Taiwanese website to be temporarily unavailable. The support pages could also temporarily no longer be visited. Gigabyte confirmed the news to Chinese media and had to temporarily shut down their IT systems after the attack, according to BleepingComputer. The local authorities were also informed. It is not clear whether the claim of the hacker collective will be considered, and what it exactly entails.