Unboxing video shows unannounced successor DJI Mavic Mini

An unboxing video has been released showing the successor to the DJI Mavic Mini. The new drone would have exactly the same weight as its predecessor to stay below the limit of 250 grams, allowing users to continue flying without a license.

According to the video, the successor is called DJI Mini 2, where the brand name Mavic would be canceled. That is in line with the previously announced gimbal OM4, which is no longer called Osmo Mobile. The main improvements of the Mini 2 according to the video are that it can film in 4k at 30fps, compared to 1440p of its predecessor from last year.

Moreover, it no longer connects via WiFi to the controller, but to OcuSync. OcuSync uses the 2.4GHz or 5.8GHz band, which allows the drone to fly further while transmitting a stable HD video.

The drone can fly up to half an hour and can handle a maximum wind force of 5 Beaufort. Object detection sensors are missing. However, the drone is again 249 grams, which means it falls in the lowest weight class up to 250 grams. Those rules describe five different maximum weight classes: 250 grams, 900 grams, 4 kilograms, and two 25 kilogram classes. For example, the requirement for geofencing does not apply to drones up to 250 grams.

DJI would like to present the drone next week. It would be slightly more expensive than its predecessor; $ 500. It is not known how much the euro prices will be, but last year’s Mavic Mini started at 399 euros.

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