‘Twitter whistleblower Zatko signed nondisclosure agreement with Twitter’

Whistleblower Peiter Zatko has agreed with Twitter not to say anything publicly about his time with the company and not to make disparaging statements about the platform. This agreement is part of a settlement, in which Zatko will receive seven million dollars.

In January this year, Twitter fired Zatko. The settlement is part of that firing and is compensation for the wages Zatko would have received had he not been fired. As part of that settlement, Zatko agreed to a nondisclosure agreement, sources say to The Wall Street Journal. Zatko is not allowed to talk about his time with the social medium, nor to say anything contemptuous about the company. Zatko was the director of security at Twitter.

Shortly after the settlement was finalized, Zatko sent a letter to the Securities and Exchanges Commission in July. In it, he describes several security problems that would play at Twitter, including the use of outdated software and succumbing to the influence of governments. In addition, Twitter would not comply with the FTC’s settlement requirements. The concluded nondisclosure agreement with Twitter would explain why Zatko has not yet spoken publicly about his allegations.

A US Senate hearing is scheduled for September 13, during which Zatko has been subpoenaed to talk about Twitter’s security vulnerabilities. Zatko has also been subpoenaed by Elon Musk to testify in Twitter’s lawsuit against Musk. Twitter wants Musk to take over the platform, but Musk says Twitter isn’t being honest about the number of spam accounts, something Zatko has also said. Under Musk’s subpoena, Zatko has been summoned to testify about Twitter’s spam accounts on Friday, September 9.