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Twitter tests with personal recommendations who you can defeat

Twitter is giving a number of users suggestions about who they can unfollow. The idea behind this is to make the Twitter timeline more relevant, according to Twitter itself. So if the number of followers of your Twitter profile has recently had a dip, this test from Twitter may be ‘the culprit’.

Personal suggestions

Twitter has been making personal suggestions for a long time, but that was for the time being always for people you could follow, and then based on your activities on Twitter. This hopes for more engagement and time spend on the platform.

They now play with the same feature but then for whom you can best unfollow. To make your timeline more relevant and efficient. This is how they know about The Verge .

Small group of users

But a small group of users has been able to participate in this test, which has already been fully implemented. It is unclear whether they will roll out this feature platform, or whether it will stay with this short test.

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