Twitter promises to take ‘less severe measures’ in the event of violations of rules

Twitter promises to take less action on accounts that violate the rules. Accounts will only be blocked for ‘serious’ or repeated violations. In addition, from next month it will be possible to object to an account suspension.

‘Serious’ violations include involvement in illegal activities, incitement to violence, privacy violation, ‘platform manipulation or spam’ and targeted harassment of users, writes Twitter. For violations that do not fall under this, only the reach of the tweets that violate the rules is limited. It is also possible that Twitter asks users to delete the relevant tweet before they can use their account again.

From February 1, it will be possible for users to challenge their previous account suspension on Twitter. The violation will then be reassessed under the more flexible rules. The social medium also promises to “release features that transparently identify when we have taken enforcement measures.” These features should also be released in February, but no further information is given. Well promised Twitter CEO Elon Musk announced last year that there will be an update that will make it possible to see if your account has received a shadow ban and for what reason.