Seagate wants to release hard drives of up to 30TB this year

Seagate plans to release HDDs of 22, 24 and 30TB this year. The latter should appear in the third quarter and contain the hamr technology. It is not yet known how many writing heads it will receive.

The 22 and 24TB hard drives should appear in the first or second quarter and use respectively conventional/perpendicular magnetic recording– and shingled magnetic recording-technology. These also contain ten write heads in a housing of 2.2TB per platter.

Less information has been disclosed about the 30TB HDD, except that it uses heat assisted magnetic recording. This technology was developed by Seagate and uses lasers to increase the capacity of hard drives. According to the manufacturer’s CEO, Dave Mosley, development of these hamr hdds is moving faster than expected, allowing Seagate to release them a little ahead of schedule. However, a specific date is not mentioned. Mosley does report that a limited amount of these hard drives will initially be produced. As manufacturing costs are reduced and hamr revenues can be increased, circulation will steadily increase. Mosley expects that to happen within two years.

Based on Seagate’s roadmap, HDDs over 40TB will be released between 2024 and 2025. The first hard disk with a capacity of more than 50TB should appear in 2026. Last year, Seagate already delivered 22TB SMR HDDs to a select number of large customers.

Seagate’s road map