Twitter limits edits to tweets to five times per half hour

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Twitter initially gives users the option to change the content of their tweets five times within half an hour. The ‘edit tweet’ button will be available first to Twitter Blue subscribers in New Zealand. It is not clear when it will be the turn of other countries.

The editors of TechCrunch spoke with Twitter contacts and who stated that the social media company is currently observing the behavior of the users with an edit button. The company also reports that the number of changes to a tweet can still change. Once Twitter has more insight into how the edit feature is used, it will also introduce the feature to users in the United States, Australia and Canada. The company is not sharing any news about an introduction of the feature in other countries.

In early September, Twitter announced that it would be conducting tests with the ‘edit tweet’ button. Then it became clear that a time slot of 30 minutes would be used. The feature will be available first to users with Twitter Blue. This is a paid subscription that costs $4.99 per month and is available in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. It is not clear whether the feature will eventually also come to users who do not have Twitter Blue.

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