Twitter launches app to stream live video

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Twitter has published an app that allows users to stream live video. The app, which bears the name Periscope, is currently only for iPhones. The release comes shortly after the sudden rise in popularity of the Meerkat app, which does much the same.

Periscope allows users to log in with their Twitter account and then stream live video from their smartphone. In addition, the app offers various options, including live streaming to only certain people. Users can also choose not to let other users watch streams, but by default it is possible to watch streams back.

Twitter did not make the app itself. It took over the company behind the app in January. Although Periscope now only works on iOS, it is obvious that a variant for Android will follow. The company mentions on its own site that it employs an Android engineer.

Periscope resembles the suddenly popular Meerkat. Meerkat, also only for iPhones and also featuring Twitter integration, suddenly gained popularity when it was a talking point at the SXSW conference held in the United States earlier this month. Many speakers mentioned the app, while visitors started streaming presentations with Meerkat.

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