Twitter gives Android app button for chronology-based tweets

Twitter provides its own Android app with a button that allows users to switch between a view of tweets based on algorithms or chronological order. This was previously available in the iOS app.

Twitter reports that users of the Android app can press the stars of the so-called sparkle button to enable the display of tweets in chronological order. The newest tweets are placed at the top of the timeline. With the push of the same button, the tweets are again arranged on the basis of algorithms.

The company already announced in September last year that it would introduce an option for users to show the latest tweets, without the timeline being crossed by the so-called ‘relevant tweets’ based on algorithms. This button was already activated in the iOS app in December last year, and it was already clear that the function would also come to Android in the short term.

It is still unclear when apps for other platforms and the browser version of Twitter will get the special toggle. Incidentally, users in the Twitter app could, for example, by ignoring certain words in practice already conjure up a view in which the timeline is also arranged on the basis of chronology, although ‘featured tweets’ are still shown.