'TSMC started mass production of next generation iPhone socics'

Press agency Bloomberg reports on the basis of sources that the Taiwan chip maker TSMC has begun mass production of the next generation of socics that will be released in iPhones to be released later this year.

The press agency says to rely on sources that are familiar with information about the production process. This would include the new A12-soc, which is reportedly produced at 7nm. TSMC announced at the end of April that the mass production of 7nm-chips has started and Apple’s coming A12-soc belongs almost certainly. The sources did not want to be called by name and Apple and TSMC did not respond to requests to comment.
Apple’s current socs, such as the A11 Bionic from the iPhone X and the A10X that is included in iPad Pro models, for example are made by TSMC on a 10nm process. The A10 for the iPhone 7 was manufactured on the 14-16nm processes of Samsung and TSMC.
On Wednesday, Samsung announced that it will be ready in the second half of this year for production of its 7LPP process for chips, where LPP stands for low power plus. Production should actually start in the first half of 2019. The Korean company began mass production of the second generation 10nm chips at the end of November last year. Among others, the Qualcomms Snapdragon 845 and the Exynos-9810-soc are made according to this process.



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