Trump eases the rules for cyber weapons

Trump makes the rules for cyber weapons smoother. Where first strict higher order approval was required for cyber operations, it now becomes easier for the United States to deploy cyber weapons. What does Trump want to achieve?

Cyber ​​operations

Obama argued that serious discussions had to be conducted with many different higher parties before cyber operations could be started. The easing means that the US Department of Defense and the Cyber ​​Command can more easily take digital measures against other nations, terrorists and criminal groups. The White House is passed in the decision about cyber attacks. Trump sees this as a step forward to support military operations and to deter influencing the elections from abroad.


However, there is also some fear after the relaxation of the rules about cyber attacks. Does not this lead to cyberwars? Russia may view it as an invitation to a cyber struggle. Yet there would remain control over cyber operations. How it will turn out for America, will have to prove.