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Elon Musk runs on his gums after ‘difficult and painful’ years

It has been the year for Elon Musk, he admits in a surprisingly open and honest interview to the New York Times . Certainly worth reading, but only the main points that he touches are striking.

You probably have not noticed that Musk was a bit out of his mind lately, with all kinds of annoying comments to investors, the people who saved the Thai footballers and other people. Musk now says that it has been a result of the intense pressure he has felt in the past year.

Everything missed at home

The pinnacle was that he almost missed the wedding of his brother (he knew just before the ceremony to start flying in and then had to leave immediately) and the fact that he was his 47th birthday single-handedly in the Tesla factory has ‘celebrated’. “There were times when I did not leave the factory three, four days in a row, and that was at the expense of seeing my children and my friends, who were also worried about me.”

They were not the only ones. The board of directors was also not happy with Musk, especially after mentioning in his recent tweet without consultation that he intended [Tire] to take Tesla off the fair . Probably too early, as it turns out. The money to do that would probably not be so certain and then Musk will have to deal with the American watchdog SEC for unfairly inflating the course.

Those miserable shortsellers

The whole action was meant to hurt the shortsellers so hated by Musk, because those who have made his life anger the last year. Because they have gambled on the failure of Tesla, as a group they do their best to put everything that Tesla (and thus Musk) put in a bad light and he is more than tired. He is tired at all. Musk has to take Ambien to get a good night’s sleep once in a while, and although that is not good, it is his only choice.

You would say: look for some good people. At Tesla people are feverishly trying to find a good number two that can take over a lot of daily activities from Musk, but so far no one has found that satisfies. There was apparently mention of Facebook’s number two Sheryl Sandberg, but that did not work out. “If you know someone who can do the job better, please tell me, if there is one they may have the job immediately,” says Musk. The chance that it happens is very small: Musk is not the type to hand over things, as it turns out. Whether it is going to break it up, we have to see, but you do not have to be jealous of him, so much is clear.

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