Trailer of VR game Star Wars Vader Immortal comes out

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A trailer has been released for the Star Wars game Vader Immortal, which gives an insight into what the game will look like. The makers of the virtual reality game have also released information about the storyline.

In Vader Immortal, the player is a smuggler on the planet Mustafar, where Darth Vader also has a base. In the first episode, the player is captured by Darth Vader and then sent on a mission. A lightsaber is helpful with that, as there are quite a few battles in the game. Images of this storyline are also in the trailer that the makers have released.

The intention is that Vader Immortal will be released soon; There is no exact release date, but it has yet to happen this spring. There will be a total of three episodes, but there is also a standalone play mode where lightsaber battles are the main objective. The VR game will be available for the Oculus Quest, but should also be available for the Rift series of VR headsets at a later date.

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