Fortnite will receive support for Nvidia RTX ray tracing and dlss

Fortnite will soon receive support for Nvidia’s RTX ray tracing and dlss 2.0. Ray tracing will be used for shadows, reflections and ambient occlusion. Nvidia shows that in a short trailer.

It is not yet known when ray tracing support will be available in Fortnite. In a short trailer, Nvidia shows that this is coming ‘soon’. To use it, a PC with an Nvidia video card is required. Raytracing works on RTX video cards and some recent GTX video cards.

Epic Games has not yet announced anything about the addition of ray tracing. Nvidia only talks about its own RTX implementation. Whether there will also be support for ray tracing on the next-gen consoles is not yet known. Both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will receive ray tracing support, but those consoles have an AMD GPU.

Nvidia announced the arrival of RTX ray tracing to Fortnite in its GeForce Special Event live stream. The video card manufacturer will present its new series of RTX 3000 video cards on Tuesday evening.