Toshiba introduces new SSDs with 19nm Nand chips

Toshiba announces the new HG6 series of SSDs. These are the first SSDs that Toshiba releases under its own name after the acquisition of OCZ at the end of 2013. Toshiba releases the SSDs in various form factors for ultrabooks and data centers, among others.

The new HG6 SSDs use mlc-nand chips that are manufactured with a 19nm process. Toshiba promises maximum read speeds of 534MB/s and write speeds of 482MB/s. To prevent data corruption due to the wear of the nand, Toshiba is adding support for its own error correction code technique.

The new SSD series will consist of five different models, ranging in capacity from 60GB to 512GB. Toshiba wants to make the drives widely applicable and therefore supplies 2.5″ drives in thicknesses of 9.5mm and 7mm, but also releases variants in form factors such as msata and both single and double-sided M.2. In addition, support for hardware encryption based on the standard TCG Opal 2.0 is present.The manufacturer will start delivery in March.