Oral-B toothbrush with bluetooth should help users brush better

From June, Oral-B will be selling a toothbrush that can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. Via that connection, the toothbrush receives real-time indications about which areas the user has skipped and therefore still needs to brush.

Dentists can program the app that comes with the toothbrush to keep reminding users where in the mouth they should brush better. The app also keeps track of how often and for how long the user brushes his teeth, writes Reuters news agency. This allows dentists to view this data during check-ups.

The toothbrush keeps track of how long users brush on certain parts of the mouth and even whether they press too hard while brushing. The toothbrush is connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0. Oral B’s parent company Proctor&Gamble says the toothbrush will cost 219 euros upon release. There are no images of the toothbrush yet.