Top-of-the-line Lucid Air electric car has a range of 837 kilometers

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The US Environment Agency estimates the range of the upcoming Lucid Air Dream Edition Range at 837 kilometers. According to Lucid Motors, that is the largest driving range ever measured for an electric vehicle. The other models also received a high EPA rating.

The Lucid Air Dream Edition Range will be the version with the longest driving range. This model has 933 horsepower and can travel approximately 837 kilometers with 19-inch wheels, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency. If the EV has 21-inch wheels, it has a range of about 774 kilometers.

The most powerful version of the upcoming sedan, the Lucid Air Dream Edition Performance, gets 1,111 horsepower and, according to the epa, has a driving range of about 758 kilometers with 19-inch wheels, and 725 kilometers with 21-inch wheels. The Lucid Air Grand Touring has a driving range of 830 kilometers on 19-inch wheels, while it travels 754 kilometers on 21-inch wheels. This version has 800 hp.

According to Lucid, the six versions of this EV model also lead the American top six EVs with the largest measured driving range. The cars also last longer on a charge than a Tesla Model S Longe Range Plus. The epa measured a driving range of 646 kilometers on that car last year. The CEO of Lucid Group, Peter Rawlinson, states that the measurement results are due to the 113kWh strong battery with 900V architecture.

The Lucid Air Dream Edition costs about $143,000 converted. The reservations for this top performance are closed. The Air Grand Touring should cost about 118,000 euros, the Touring costs 80,100 euros and the standard version, the Air Pure, will cost about 66,000 euros. According to Lucid Motors, the latter has a driving range of approximately 653 kilometers. It is not yet clear when the first deliveries of the electric vehicles will take place.

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