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Top 7 causes of damage to smartphones in the summer

Many people no longer leave without a smartphone. Not even on vacation. With 4G that works all over Europe, your smartphone simply goes to the beach, the campsite or the swimming pool. Very interesting to share the sun-drenched holiday snaps right on your social media channels. Take a look, because damage to your smartphone is made. These are the seven most common causes of damage to the smartphone during the summer:

1. The sun

Cell phones are not resistant to sunlight. Apple even warns for a temperature above 35 degrees. High temperatures lower the battery time, can damage the liquid crystal of the screen and the plastic covers may melt, which can lead to a short circuit. Did you know that the temperature inside a car can rise to over 60 degrees after an hour if you park the car in the sun? We know that you can never leave your child or pet in the car when the sun shines, but do not leave your smartphone behind.

2. Sand

What is better than walking on the beach with your bare feet? The beautiful, fine grains of sand can easily get between the smallest grooves of your phone. You can try to remove the sand with a nice brush or a cold hair dryer, so that the keys do not get stuck. In most cases it is better to hire a professional. Sand on the screen is annoying and can cause small scratches if you want to sweep it away. Does your device or device have to go to the beach? Then put it in a special cover or bag.

3. Water

Water is surely the biggest culprit for electronics. Your phone can fall overboard during a boat trip or there are drops of salt water. When photographing geysers or waterfalls, your phone can get an undesirable shower and fall out. In all these situations water can enter the device, which can lead to short-circuits and data loss. If you have a soaked device, do not put it on any more! Remove the battery and allow the device to dry. Never put the appliance in the oven and never use a hair dryer.

4. Theft

Are you drinking a delicious cup of cappuccino and do not pay attention! Before you know it, your mobile phone has disappeared. If you have an old mobile phone, you can use it in case of emergency. In addition, it is also wise to make a backup of your phone before you go on vacation, so you do not lose those beautiful photos in any case!

5. Car accident

Cars and your cell phone are not always a successful match. After a long journey you open the car door and yes there is your device on the ground. And then there is of course the classic: during refueling you put your mobile on the car roof and then completely forget it.

6. Party

It is vacation and you enjoy a few cocktails to the fullest. The drink (in the worst case sugary) falls and your entire phone is wet. The wet cell phone is not the only problem. Dissolving ingredients in the drink can cause even more damage. For example, sugar has the unpleasant property of forming crystals on drying, which can lead to a short circuit. That is independent of the stickiness of dried sugar. In this case professional help is best, because trying to save your device yourself can only make things worse.

7. Sunscreen

It is warm, the sun is burning and your skin must naturally be protected. When smearing your smartphone accidentally gets a load of cream on itself. Sunscreen can sit in the narrow openings of your device and the ingredients can damage your screen. Anti-mosquito spray causes even more damage on the plastic parts of electronics. Wiping well and carefully can help if you are lucky.

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