Top 10 Best Google Search Tricks (2019)

There are some tricks that we can use to execute our query in Google that can make our searches considerably more effective and efficient. That is why we show you ten of these tricks that you can implement in practice today. So, now without wasting much time, we get to work and we simply examine the entire list that we have listed below.

Short and simple keywords

As we all know very well that the search engines work easily by matching the words we enter with the pages on the web that presents the word, so using keywords that appear more often on the pages will give you the best results.

Moreover, a one or two-word search generally gives us the broadest results that simply cover the exact point that we are looking for. That is why we should always start with the short keywords and redefine the results by adding more words if necessary.

Forget the spelling and punctuation

If you are more worried about the spelling or spelling mistakes, you should stop worrying about all those errors because it’s just a waste of time if you correct all your mistakes before you search on Google. Just like Google has a great function, which automatically sets the most common spelling of a certain word by default.

Compare food with “vs”

If you cannot choose or choose between a hamburger or pizza for your snacks, type “rice vs. wheat,” for example, and you will easily get comparisons to the side by side.

Check web history

Apart from all these things, it is one of the most interesting features that Google’ & # 39; s most used search engine offers to all its users, of course, I am talking about web history. In short, this feature provides an easy overview of the sites you’ve visited, a timeline of your promotions and much more, simply put, this feature gives you the ability to easily search your own online history. So, if you want access to this timeline, just click to get your own web history.

Exact Phrases

For this trick, we can easily put quotation marks around words, just to search for that exact sentence in the exact order that we are looking for. Apart from this, however, we must bear in mind that quotation-search searching can simply exclude the relevant results.

Search in news archives

Google’s well-known news feed, of course, Google News has an option to search over 100 years of archived news from newspapers around the world.

Roll up your screen by searching in “Do a barrel roll”

This is one of the great features that is basically built in by the engineers of Google. So, what are you waiting for, if you want to try it, just try it now (search without quotes).

Keep it simple but precise

The more specific the word you are looking for, the more precise and relevant results you will get. However, we must always remember that even if the word has the correct meaning, but is not the one used by most users, it may not give you the exact pages or details that you are looking for.

Keep things simple

The most important thing to keep in mind is that we must keep things simple. For example, we should always start by entering only a name or basic word to get the exact and wide variations of results. Suppose that if you are looking for a place or product at a specific location, you first write the name together with the city or the pin code of the area.

Avoid capital letters

Now many of you may think that what will happen if you capitalize your search terms? Let me clarify, of course nothing extraordinary happens, because the search engine of the tech giant Google is impressively very smart. That’s why it’s not case sensitive, so now you understand why you shouldn’t capitalize words in Google.