Today is the Bitcoin pizza day

Exactly eight years ago, a programmer presumably bought the pizzas he regretted the most. Not because there was pineapple on it (though that’s reason enough #teamnopineapple do not @ me) but because he paid 10,000 Bitcoins as an experiment to get those pizzas delivered by Papa John’s. 10,000 Bitcoins is, as you all know, worth a lot more, namely a sloppy 83 million dollars.

That makes these two pizzas officially the most expensive ever, and because it is a nice benchmark for Bitcoin as a means of payment, Crypto brittle is celebrated today as Bitcoin pizza day. Not that the price of those pizzas is not being looked at: there is even a special Twitter account that gives an update every day about what the pizzas would have cost at the current price.

That account was completely insane at the end of 2017, because when Bitcoin got the $ 20,000, the pizzas would have been worth 200 million. Meanwhile, Bitcoin is ten years old since the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto created the digital currency. The ten thousand Bitcoin that have been spent on a pizza will feel like the most missed chance ever, but presumably, the programmer in question had more than enough Bitcoins he could miss and the other millions have already been cashed in.