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This mask can change your mood …

From the outside it looks like a kind of cord running down the face, the mask developed by a scientist at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). The mask can influence how someone experiences his or her breathing. And this again influences how you feel.

The Masque

The Masque, as it is called, has a sensor that falls under the nose. There are ear plugs next to the ears. Through auditory feedback, you can hear your own breathing.

A study with the mask showed that its wearers felt more stressed after a stressful task than the people who did not wear the mask. Men who wore the mask and looked at photographs of women felt more sexually excited than the men without a mask. Yet there was no change in physical processes. This means that the technique of the mask only affected how people thought they felt.

Body and technology

In the digital age, people get all sorts of information, from social media messages to (fake) news. We do not always have control over this and we unconsciously absorb a lot of us. The developed mask aims to show how technology can influence us.

Physical processes of people are used to regulate their emotions and even change their behavior, without being aware of it.

We can not control most processes in our body ourselves. Breathing is, because we can change that. The mask absorbs the sound of the breath and makes it heard. This can affect the psychological state.

The mask can be used for different things. With a film, it may lead to more involvement. But it might also work the other way around. When people hear a softer and quiet breathing, they may feel less stressed. The scientist wanted above all to demonstrate how easily we are influenced without being aware of this.

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