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This is the newest option from WhatsApp

That group chat of WhatsApp always. Great to occasionally read the jokes and grolls of your family, group of friends or football team. Handy to keep up to date or plan activities. Disadvantage: a hundred missed messages if you look a little less on your phone for a day. Chaos, people who talk through each other, four conversations in one group chat, sometimes it is no longer up to date.

WhatsApp now comes with a new option, with which only the managers of the group chat can send messages.
It is a change that can come in handy in certain situations. Especially for group discussions whose purpose is to pass on important information, the option is convenient, such as for parents and teachers. How do you activate this option? This is possible with group information under group settings.
Group discussions are a big feature of WhatsApp. More and more new features are coming up here. The group description, an overview of missed messages and administrator settings are also new. WhatsApp wants to improve the group chats even more.

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