This is the best kept iOS 12 secret

iOS 12 appeared last month and is full of new features. New items that you can not possibly overlook, such as the new Measurement and Settings app for limiting your Screen Time. But there are countless small changes that you do not immediately see … And this is one to be framed – you need a newer iPhone.

Discover the best-kept iOS 12 secret

Get your iPhone X or XS (Max) but there. Open the Messages app and tap the monkey at the bottom to create an Animoji. Wipe until you get the unicorn in the picture – is not it great? Then look around you to check if you are not stared at by curious colleagues. Push the record button

Now wink to the screen and you see your unicorn twin doing the same thing. And … stick out your tongue. The unicorn will do the same and reveals the biggest iOS 12 secrets. You see it well:

The unicorn tongue GLITTERT

Is not it fantastic? Apple’s eye for detail is phenomenal to say the least and this is one of Apple’s many subtle design jokes.

Tongue and wink detection

The Animojis were unveiled at the same time as the iPhone X last year – they are 3D emojis that mimic your facial expression in detail. With iOS 12, the Animoji’s also support wink and tongue detection. In addition, new Animoji’s have been added. From now on you can also choose from a tyrannosaurus, a ghost, a koala and a tiger. Instead of ten seconds, your video can now take half a minute.

In addition, there are also Memojis in iOS 12: they work exactly the same as the Animoji, but the difference is that they also look very much like you in terms of how you make your own Memoji, You can also read our workshop Create your own memoji in iOS 12.