This is how you solve the Rubik’s Cube!

There are those who solve the well-known Rubik’s cube in seconds, but that is not the case for most mortals. It is not that easy to get all the colors in a box quickly. The inventor of the famous toy is called Erno Rubik and he simply explains in a video how it works. Not that we now think we can solve the cube quickly, but take a look first. Then we will list the steps for you. Who knows, you might ever break the world record again, which now stands at 3.47 seconds.

How do you solve a Rubik’s cube?

The chance that you will break the world record is small, but the chance that you can solve the cube is high. You can do that step by step. Start with it if you have to wait somewhere or are looking for distraction. Are you ready? This is how you solve the cube!

1. The middle color always stays the same

No matter which sides of the cube you turn, the middle block always remains. This block, therefore, indicates which color the entire box will be. To me, this was already new information, frankly, and it might be for you too. Good to know: in addition to the middle blocks, the cube consists of 8 corners with 3 colors and 12 edges with 2 colors.

2. Divide into layers

You cannot just start spinning to divide the cube. You do this layer by layer. Without confusing your previous steps, of course. Before you start, study the cube carefully so that you know exactly where all the colors are. The cube, therefore, consists of 6 fixed center surfaces, 12 edge blocks, and 8 corner blocks. Those stones can change places, but a corner block remains a corner block.

3. Algorithms

You solve the cube with algorithms and in this video it is explained in a few minutes (in Dutch). For me as a layman this was very easy to follow. After this you know exactly which turning options there are and you only have to follow instructions.

4. We are going to puzzle

Now that you know the instructions, let’s start puzzling. It is customary to start with the white area.

  • You look for the plane with the white block in the middle. Now you will start making a white cross. It is easiest to always keep the white area in the same place, at the top for example.
  • Then find the edge blocks to form the cross. It is okay if you sometimes move a correctly placed edge block to screw in a new one in the right place, as long as you make sure you turn the edge block back.
  • Only after the cross is in place do you put the white cornerstones in the plane. To get them in the right place you sometimes have to destroy the white cross. That’s okay.
  • Experts recommend screwing in the cornerstones from the bottom layer.

5. The middle layer

Now you start working with the middle layer and then you cannot just start spinning, otherwise, your cube will soon no longer be correct. For this, you will work with the algorithms. We can write down all the formulas here, but it is even more convenient to do it on the basis of this video. Look from 1:11 after you have completed the white area.

6. The rest of the cube

If you have managed to place the middle layers correctly, follow the rest of the steps in the video. After the middle layers follows the yellow cross, the edge blocks and finally the corner stones. It may seem like a chore and it is. But as with most things, you keep getting better at it. On average you need 100 to 150 strokes to solve the cube. By the way, a robot has calculated that it is possible to solve the cube in 20 strokes. Otherwise, you will of course never succeed within a few seconds.

Take it to step by step and follow the instructions. It’s not uncommon for it to take you half an hour to an hour the first time!

Good luck!