AMD adds support for StoreMI V2 to B450 and X470 chipsets

AMD has quietly added support for its StoreMI V2 caching technology to the B450 and X470 chipsets. Initially, this technology was only supported by motherboards with an X570 chipset.

AMD recently added support, noted Tom’s Hardware. The addition can be found in the changelog PDF of StoreMI’s beta version, released earlier this week. The caching technology now works on all motherboards with 500 and 400 series chipsets, AMD reports. X399 and TRX40 motherboards for Threadripper CPUs now also support the software. The company already promised that support for these chipsets would be added in ‘the third quarter of 2020’. Ryzen 1000 series processors do not support the caching technology, even when installed in a motherboard with X470 or B450 chipset.

StoreMI allows users to use an SSD as a sort of cache for a larger HDD, which is especially relevant for systems with a small SSD. AMD stopped supporting the first StoreMI version earlier this year, and later announced StoreMI V2. Among other things, the operation of the caching system has been adjusted with StoreMI V2. Previously, the most frequently used files were transferred to the SSD via StoreMI, for example. This made the combined storage capacity of the SSD and HDD fully usable, but users could lose files if the SSD in question broke.

With StoreMI V2, this system has changed. The frequently used data is stored in the new version on both the ssd and hdd. As a result, the usable storage capacity is limited to that of the hdd, but the data on the ssd is no longer lost if it breaks, for example. AMD has also tweaked the interface and added other new features to the software.

The StoreMI software. Image via AMD