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This is how the new exchange system from Pokémon Go works

Developer Niantic has announced that Pokémon Go finally, two years after the release of the game, will receive a trading system. Of course there is also a list of friends, so that is also added to the augmented reality game that turned the whole world upside down two years ago.

It might be a bit late to add this feature, since the big hype surrounding Pokémon Go has been behind us for a long time, but it is no less welcome for the players who are still working on it. If you simply are not lucky enough to get one particular Pokémon, you can still succeed through the exchange system. However, it is slightly more complicated than exchanging one Pokémon for the other and getting it ready.

How it works?

You can exchange your trapped Pokémon with a friendly trainer. Then you first have to exchange trainer codes and if everyone has accepted the friendship is a fact. If you want to trade more than ordinary Pokémon, you first need to raise your friendship level. You do that by sending special gifts to your friend. You can get those gifts at Gyms and Pokéstops and you get that level up. That not only makes it possible to exchange better Pokémon, you also get a bonus for your Pokémon when you play a Gym of Raid battle together.

Once you have been swapped, there is more bonus: you get candy for every swapped Pokémon, where the bonus is greater when the beasts are caught far apart. But you can not do that unlimited, because swapping costs Stardust, and the more exciting the Pokémon you exchange, the more dust it will cost. It is fortunately cheaper with very good friends. In fact, if you want to trade for a Pokémon that you do not have it is screaming and expensive, and you have to be ‘best friend’ with the one you exchange with.


It is all rather complicated. Must also, because you obviously do not want players with the addition of this possibility in two weeks all swapped together. For today’s players it’s great fun, though it’s the question if it will take someone back to Pokémon Go who let the game go.

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