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This body scanner is looking for the perfect clothes for you!

In each wardrobe there are only a few garments that are favored by the wearer. A pair of jeans that is just right, you just do not find just like that. And if you have found it, it will last for years. A Japanese tech company has invented something that allows you to find these ‘perfect’ garments faster: a suit that scans your body.


This is a suit that you can put on and that then precisely measures your body size and details. This is how the clothing fits on the basis of the sizes and delivers jeans and t-shirts for men. You can also specify your own preferences, such as the button size, the stitching, the shape of the collar and the sleeve length. The suit is also connected with an app, which gives a 3D image of your body and sizes.

In 72 countries the suit is already available, but people are still reasonably careful with the suit. This may have to do with the fact that it is a pretty crazy idea to walk in a tight suit with dots, which ensures that you will buy the right clothes.

This is genius! The question is only from which clothing you can choose. Something may well fit, but if it is a t-shirt with purple dots, exactly what you dislike, you probably will not wear it.

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