Another data leak at Facebook?

Just as everything at Facebook turned out a little bit quieter, a possible new data leak is coming up. Facebook warns in a blog that personal data of 4 million people may have leaked. The app ‘myPersonality’ has shared personal data from Facebook users with researchers and third parties.

Dataleak app Facebook

Facebook has blocked the app. MyPersonality was mainly active for 2012. Through the app people could do personality tests. The developer of this app refuses to share them handle the personal details exactly. This case seems, on a smaller scale, very much like the Cambridge Analytica data scandal from a few months ago. One difference is that myPersonality probably did not receive data from friends of the users and passed them on.

Data myPersonality

It is not yet clear to whom the information was shared and where they used the personal data. This could be for example targeted advertisements, as was the case with Cambridge Analytica.

In May, Facebook investigated 200 apps that had access to personal information from the users. They wanted to keep a closer eye on how the apps deal with personal data. The app myPersonality was one of them, and was deactivated.

More details about the possible data abuse of the app are expected to follow. And the question is, which apps have tampered with personal data? Would myPersonality really be the only app, or would more follow?


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