This actor criticizes Trump with the app ‘Trumpy cat’

Donald Trump: There are many words to write about and a lot of opinions to surrender. Some love him, others prefer to resign him yesterday. A Trump balloon hovering over London is an option to express criticism. But it can be even more creative, thought Star Trek actor George Takei. It has something to do with cats …

Trumpy cat

Takei today launched the augmented reality app House of Cats. With this app he combines two popular topics: cats and politics. According to him, this is an effective way to criticize political people. Humor is, according to the actor, an important element to convey a serious message.

In the app House of Cats you can put virtual characters, including Trumpy cat and Vladdy Putin, in your screen. You can respond with your voice and let the character express it with the voice of Donald Trump. The cat pronounces famous one-liners and quotes from political leaders. Or you drag the character to a place you see with the camera. Taking a photo with Trumpy cat is also an option. Takei indicates that more characters will follow in the app.

The app can be downloaded for iOS and Android. The proceeds go to a foundation for refugees.


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