These 70 new emojis come to your iPhone and iPad

Just a little while and there is an emoji for everyone to identify with. Apple adds no less than 70 new emoji to iOS 12.1, including smiley faces with red hair, bald people, a kangaroo, and superheroes.

iOS 12.1 new emoji

At this moment you have the choice in iOS from thousands of emojis. Most emojis consist of multiple variants, such as male and female emojis and pictures with different skin tones. There, Apple adds new characters who have red, gray and curly hair. Bald people also get their own emoticon.

We have also thought of the chill: Apple is filling the collection with a freezing face. Furthermore, there is a picture with a very touching sip face and the heroes of this world get their own emoji.

The animal kingdom has been extended with, among others, a kangaroo, llama, mosquito, raccoon, peacock and mosquito. Sports enthusiasts will be pleased with the addition of new sports such as softball, frisbee, and lacrosse. There are also tasty foods, including mango, a bagel, and a cupcake.

iOS 12.1

The new emojis are already available in the beta version of iOS 12.1. This software version is expected to be available for everyone at the end of October. Then everyone can release the 70 new images, which next to the iPhone will also be available for the iPad, Mac and Apple Watch.

When creating emojis, Apple works together with the Unicode Consortium, an organization that sets the standard for emojis. determines. Earlier Apple made a case for emojis that should represent people with disabilities. It concerns pictures with guide dogs, hearing aids, roller devices and a prosthesis. When Unicode approves them, they become part of Emoji 12.0. This version will appear in early 2019.

View a part of the new collection below:



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