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The US military has a plan to get drones out of the air

The attack on the president of Venezuela last week did show how dangerous drones can be. The call for new techniques to get rid of dangerous drones is urgent. The US military has now devised a plan to eliminate drones, with microwaves.


The army wants to buy a microwaves system from Lockheed Martin, which can extract drones from the air. The system can be mounted on an airplane. It can switch off drones through targeted radiation. The same system has also been used for unmanned aircraft, which can have explosives on board. This radiation can destroy antennas, data links, control and radio signals.

Attack with drones

At the attack on Maduro, the army shot the drones from the air. The danger of this is that it explodes again, or falls hard on the ground. That is why we are looking for other and safer ways to get drones out of the air. Disruption of the radio signals is an example of this. The contact between the drone and the driver is then disrupted. Hawks are also trained to pick drones from the air. However, this method is rather controversial. In total there are no less than 235 methods that are currently being used or developed.

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