Facebook adds augmented reality games to Messenger video chat

Video chatting via Facebook is useful and fun, but it can be even more fun. That is why Facebook adds Augmented Reality games to the video chats.

Games in video chat Facebook

There are only two games available, but more are expected to follow. With Asteroids Attacks you control a spaceship around obstacles with your nose. The other game, do not smile, is the classic cataract. Two other games will soon follow. These are Beach bump, where you bounce a ball to someone else, and kitten kraze, when it comes to matching cats.

Longer chat

The games can be played with up to six people in a video chat. Through the star button you can choose a game and let others know that you want to play a game.

Facebook wants to make the video calls via Messenger more attractive. Paul also wants to solve uncomfortable silences with the games. For example, people may be inclined to stay in chat for longer.