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The relationship between ADHD and smartphone use in teenagers

A teenager without a smartphone is a high exception at this time. Maintaining contact with friends, tracking social media, but also using educational games: it is completely blended into the daily lives of the current generation of teenagers.

Teachers, parents and other adults often say that this is bad for children and that they can concentrate worse. What is true about this?

Research on digital media use of young people

According to a new investigation is the frequent use of devices related to ADHD. In the survey 2,587 high school students were followed for two years. The students who used digital media the most, several times a day, called twice as often symptoms related to ADHD as the students who least used digital media. At the beginning of the study, none of the pupils had symptoms of ADHD. The children received questions about how often they use social media platforms and about ADHD symptoms in themselves. The results of the study mean that there was an association between higher use of digital media and symptoms of ADHD.

Smartphone use and ADHD

However, a side note must be made here. The results do not automatically mean that the use of digital media leads to ADHD-related symptoms. It is also possible that teenagers who develop ADHD more often use digital media. In addition, the students answer the questions themselves. They could not have answered these questions truthfully. However, it can be said with caution that there may be consequences for the mental condition of children who often sit on the smartphone, tablet or computer.

Previous research has already shown that watching TV and gaming can increase the risk of ADHD behavior. There was even less known about the relationship with ADHD and smartphone and computer use. This is because the developments have gone very fast.

This does not necessarily mean that parents or schools have to ban this, but teens can learn healthier habits. Tools from Apple and Google to limit the screen time are also a good tool against excessive use of digital media.

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