The first VR water slide in the world is a fact!

Water slides for children? Thick nonsense! Age plays no role when it comes to rushing down a spectacular slide in the water. If you do not feel like getting wet, or want to experience something new, you can take a trip to one of the largest water parks in Europe. In Galaxy Erding in Germany you can go from a slide with Virtual Reality !

Water slide Virtual Reality

It is the first VR water slide worldwide. VRSlide consists of a headset with an integrated Samsung Galaxy S8. VRSlide is not the first virtual reality application in a theme park. For example, in Six Flags VR was used for virtual roller coasters.

With VRSlide, people can choose from three different virtual worlds: space, snow and air. Through the glasses people see a virtual environment with trees, snow or butterflies in the air.

VR glasses

The VR glasses are on a rack with wireless chargers. A ride takes 35 seconds and costs two euros. The glasses are sufficiently water-resistant to survive the rides. In order to synchronize the location in which the person is on the slide with what they see through the glasses, the Galaxy S8 is programmed to capture peeping sounds along the slide.

The system adapts to the individual person on the slide. The phone measures the first movement to get behind the weight and the sliding pattern. What you see through the glasses then runs right with what you feel in the slide.

Very interesting, a VR-glasses when you go off the water slide. Yet the question is what exactly adds to the existing water slides. Is not it cool to be dazzled by splashing water during the ride down.


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