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The profile icons on Netflix get a make over

Netflix announced yesterday that all profile icons on Netflix will get a big make over. With that they make it possible that you can now also choose to be your Netflix hero or heroine. They do this because the profiles now already exist 5.

Netflix profiles

In August 2013, the profiles were launched. And Netflix got a more personal touch for you. Of course, that was mainly due to all the personalized content specially tailored to your taste. No longer did you get any suggestions from your roommate or that whole list of cartoons from your younger brother under ‘look further.’ No, with your own profile you finally got only the suggestions that are based on what you like.

Profile icon

The profile icons that you have used in the last five years are now being given a makeover. A whole number of new icons are made available, including a number of characters from your favorite Netflix series and films.

These profile icons will be rolled out over the coming weeks via the website, mobile and all TV devices. Do not have your own profile yet. Then now is the time to make one.

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