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Samsung claims to have unbreakable smartphone screen ready

It is the holy grail for smartphones: a screen that really can not be broken at all. That and a battery life of two weeks, but it is not that far yet. Although the screens of smartphones and tablets are becoming increasingly robust no one has managed to produce that unbreakable screen. Now, however, Samsung claims that their new flexible screen without glass can not be destroyed .

The screen is an OLED that is flexible and that does not have a glass plate over it. Instead, the display is coated with a specific kind of transparent plastic that feels like glass but can not break like glass. In addition, the material is also a lot lighter, which is certainly an important fact for smartphones. The screen is apparently so robust that renowned test lab UL could not break the screen with all standard tests for the US Army.

Extreme tests

The screen has been able to stay upright even in even worse conditions. After being dropped 26 times from 1.2 meters, the screen was also thrown on the ground from 1.8 meters high without getting any damage. Even extreme temperatures can not endure: testing between -32 and 71 degrees did not cause any problems. Compare that with the tests of the brand new Gorilla Glass 6 and then this screen wins with ease, although long-term tests have to show whether the screen does not break eventually and what exactly happens.

If the screen is really as good as Samsung says, you can expect to see it on almost all things with a screen that does not stand on one foot or screwed on a wall. It all sounds impressive, but Samsung Display has not yet said whether this type of screen is even close to mass production.

An end to the fear of falling?

In the worst case, that means we have to wait a few more years before we can really experience this discovery. You can say that when this screen comes on the market, it will first be in a Samsung phone. Maybe this is the type of screen Samsung is going to use in their foldable Galaxy X phone. Precisely for such a device, a screen like this would be ideal, depending on how far the screen can bend.

It’s all very exciting, because when Samsung finally has found a way to make a nice screen that does not need glass, that’s the beginning of a development that will keep us from becoming anxious about five years from now. with our phones to have to go. Can those sloppy cases also enter the kliko.

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