The “Elektrojet” is a new kind of jet ski

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They are completely booming, electric cars , but other vehicles are increasingly focusing on sustainability. Water scooters are already available in all shapes and sizes, one more powerful than the other. The Hungarian company Narke has now released the first electric water scooter. It is not a jet ski, but also not an ordinary motor boat.


The Electrojet from Narke is a bit like a Lamborghini, with the blue panels of carbon fiber. The water scooter has 60 HP and a maximum speed of 56 kilometers per hour. This is a lower speed than most gas-powered watercraft. The Elektrojet can run on the water for 90 minutes, almost silently, until the battery needs to be charged. The battery is recharged in two hours.


The material used is environmentally friendly. The Elektrojet has two seats. With a smart display, the driver can also view the weather, navigate, or operate the smartphone. It is currently being tested and will be introduced at the end of this year in Lake Balaton in Hungary.

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