Thanos subreddit dedicated to Avengers movie villain is going to ban half of its users

Thanos had a plan in Avengers: Infinity War to destroy half the life in the universe and that fate now awaits users of the Thanos subreddit. Moderators will not destroy, but will ban half of all users on July 9.

A moderator announced on the subreddit called “thanosdidnothingwrong” that he has permission to ban half of the subscribers. The Reddit admins are going to create a bot for that, so that the ban can be done quickly, easily and randomly.

The subreddit has grown a lot since its announcement and currently has a whopping 276,000 subscribers. that means about 138,000 users will be deleted on July 9. The three-month-old subreddit dedicated to Thanos had about 20,000 subscribers when the idea of ​​the mass ban came up.

There was some disagreement about the plan, after which it was voted on. If the plan got more than 60,000 upvotes, the Thanos plan would go into effect. The number of 60,000 was half the number of subscribers on the subreddit at the time. Ultimately, the plan received more than 151,000 upvotes. Those who get banned plan to join, for example, the subreddit inthesoulstone. This name refers to a theory about what happened to those who died in the film.

In the Marvel movie, Thanos plans to use the various Infinity Stones to destroy half of all life in the universe. Thanos sees this as an act of grace, pointing out the limited resources and the consequences of overpopulation.