Tesla opens V3 charging location in Las Vegas that runs partly on solar energy

Tesla has opened its first full V3 Supercharging charging station in the American city of Las Vegas. It uses not only the V3 charging platform, but also solar energy and batteries, making the charging location less dependent on the electricity network.

The new V3 Supercharging station is located on the Las Vegas Strip, the beating heart of the gambling city, between the High Roller Ferris wheel and the Linq hotel. It is now the third V3 Supercharging station to be commissioned by Tesla, but this Las Vegas site is the first to have an installation equipped with solar panels that collect energy during the day, after which Powerpack batteries provide power to Tesla cars during the night. .

The location is equipped with 24 V3 charging points. With a maximum of 250 kW, Model 3 cars have a range of about 290 km after 15 minutes of charging. In addition, there are another fifteen level-two Tesla Wall Connectors for motorists who park their vehicle for an extended period of time. In total, this should provide enough capacity to charge approximately 1,500 cars per day. V3 charging stations have the advantage that users do not have to share power with other connected vehicles, so that every electric car is charged in a consistent way.

Currently, only the Tesla Model 3 with 250kW can be charged via a V3 Supercharging charging point. However, the website Teslarati noted in the video below that the station is also being demonstrated on a Model X, which may indicate that this vehicle will soon receive V3 compatibility.