Tesla auto-drive with green light feature is available in beta

Teslas can now automatically continue from an intersection with a green light, without the user having to provide input. The cars can now only do this at intersections where the user wants to drive straight on. Tesla is reticent about the new feature. For the time being, this only works when the car enters an intersection where the light is already green. In those cases, “ the Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control system may no longer require user confirmation, ” Tesla writes in the 2020.40.0.1 update changelog. In the future, the feature will be further expanded with, for example, support for left or right turns at intersections. The feature may not be available in the Benelux yet; It is quite common for Tesla to be the first to introduce the latest changes and additions to the United States and not to follow other countries until later, while Tesla is working on the last mile of the “ fundamental rewrite of Autopilot architecture, ” according to foreman Elon Musk. . This must entail major improvements that further reduce the amount of driver actions. The expectation is that the general American public will be able to take advantage of this in December.