‘Teardown’ seems to indicate Google Maps’ rapid arrival of dark mode

Google Maps seems to be getting a dark mode soon. It has been known for some time that Google is working on this, but no result has yet been reached. Now references to dark mode have been found in a beta version of the Android app.

The editors of 9to5Google report that references in beta 10.50 to a tooltip, a dialog box, settings and assets all of which at one dark mode to hear. They know that the dark mode, just like with other apps, can conform to the same setting at system level or can be set to light or dark separately. There are also separate settings for map mode and navigation mode. Only the latter can switch to a dark mode since last year, the rest of the app not yet.

Many other Google apps already have dark mode, such as Google, Google Play, YouTube, Duo, Recorder, Messages, Gmail, Home and Assistant. Android itself has the option to make the system dark since the introduction of Android 10 Q, in March 2019. It is not known whether the mode would also come to iOS at the same time. The teardown is from the Android version.

A dark mode is more economical and looks better after sunset. Another option that can at least achieve that last goal is Night Light, known on iOS as Night Shift. That lowers the color temperature, which also reduces the burning effect of the light. However, this is also at the expense of color fastness.