TeamWin Recovery Project Releases TWRP 3.6 for Android 11 Devices

The TeamWin Recovery Project has released TWRP 3.6. This makes it possible to install custom ROMs on phones that run Android 11. The main change is the ability to install ROMs directly from recovery mode.

The most recent version is TWRP 3.6.0. According to the makers, that version of the recovery loader works on most devices that TWRP already runs on. The tool has three bug fixes for the Android 9 branch, but most of the changes are in those for Android 11. All support for Android 10 devices has been integrated into the Android 11 branch, according to the makers.

The main update is in the way it is possible to install TWRP on devices with multiple partitions. This always had to be done by booting TWRP on a partition, and only then installing it permanently. That is no longer necessary. Users can now install a TWRP image directly. Another change is that dynamic partitions can be disabled. Snapshots can also be merged from now on.

The last major release of TWRP was early this year. According to the developers, it took a long time for a new version to be released because the entire codebase had to be rewritten. The makers say that the codebase is now ready to support Android 12, so they expect to release a new version for it sooner.