TeamViewer suffers from connection problems

On Thursday, TeamViewer suffers from connection problems that cause users to experience latency problems or cannot connect. The service thought to have found and solved the problem, but the connection problems persisted in the afternoon.

TeamViewer registered at 11:23 am on Thursday morning that users had problems with the latency and were seeing errant notifications when making the connection. This is evident from the reports on the status page.

The company got its systems offline and was able to find the cause, after which at 13.20 an attempt was made to gradually put the services back online. TeamViewer warned that it could take a while before users could actually log in and connect. Also, not all services were re-enabled.

That happened at 15.22 hours when TeamViewer wanted to re-enable Chat, Management Console and creating new accounts. By four, TeamViewer had to admit that he still had to deal with connection problems, but he said he was working to restore his services.


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