Tax authorities start test with My tax return app on Saturday

The Tax and Customs Administration is starting a trial with an app for tablets, which users can use to view their tax returns. The app is only for a simple pre-completed declaration and will only be available to a limited extent from 1 March.

The My Declaration app will be available on March 1, but can only be downloaded 200,000 times. The functionality is also limited. The software can only be used to make a simple declaration with tablets, which is fully completed in advance and in which nothing needs to be changed or supplemented.

The app should therefore be seen as an app for checking pre-completed declarations. If users see that data needs to be changed or supplemented, they must still adjust the information via the regular 2013 Declaration Program. The declaration app will be available for iOS and Android, but not for other platforms. After the trial, the Tax and Customs Administration will evaluate the app’s success.