Tap Instagram test instead of scrolling through your feed

Good by your Instagram -feed scrolling could eventually change. User Suprateek Bose on Twitter shared a screenshot of a test that Instagram is doing in which you go from message to message in the Explore-tab by tapping instead of scrolling, just like it does with Instagram Stories.

It would be a big change in how users go through their feed and with more than a billion users worldwide there are a lot of people who think they like it. Then caution is, of course, necessary, because you do not want to cause Snapchat-like vicissitudes with ill-considered changes to the interface.

No plans for primary feed yet

Fortunately, Instagram seems to take it easy. After the unveiling of the function, NWW writer Matt Navarra went after it and was told that Instagram this test so far only on the Explore tab is doing and that there are no concrete plans to this in the primary feed changing users. Of course, it must be said that many of these types of tests are often eventually extended, so there is a chance that we will all be tapping instead of scrolling. In any case, it would be better for our wrists if that changes.