Taiwanese inspection shows new wireless HTC earphones

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The Taiwanese testing agency NCC has approved a new version of HTC’s wireless earphones. Six months ago, the NCC also showed wireless earphones from HTC, but they have not been released so far.

The earbuds have the type number HTC TWS1, MySmartPrice reports . The box has a 400mAh battery, while the earphones both have a 40mAh battery. In theory, this makes it possible to fully charge the ears five times with a charged box. The ears are available in black and white, as can be seen in the photos.

The box and earbuds have a different design than HTC ‘s previous earbuds . They had a name, U Ear, and an AirPods-like design. NCC inspected those ears in May of this year. These are in-ear models with a flattened side, which makes them look different. Little is known about the earphones and it is also unknown if and when HTC will release them.

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