SiFive announces Performance P650 processor with up to 16 RISC-V cores

SiFive has announced a new RISC-V processor. The Performance P650 has sixteen cores, which according to the manufacturer are 50 percent faster than the company’s previous Performance P550 cores. The P650 will be available under license. According to SiFive, the Performance P650 is intended for “performance-oriented uses” such as data centers, edge computing, automotive and … Read more

Synology Announces RT6600ax Router and DSM 7.1

Synology has announced the RT6600ax, a three-band Wi-Fi 6 router that includes a 2.5Gbit/s port. In addition, the company is announcing updates to multiple software packages, including DSM 7.1, Surveillance Station 9.0, and SRM 1.3. The Synology RT6600ax has six antennas and supports 4×4 mimo. It is a three-band router, in which, in addition to … Read more

Microsoft extends Start and taskbar settings in Windows 11 preview build

Microsoft has expanded the Start settings in the test version of Windows 11. The layout can be changed to show more pins, or more recent files. Users with multiple monitors can continue to see the clock and date on the taskbar on all screens in this version. Users can go directly to the Start settings … Read more

Amazon announces new Graviton 3 processors that work with C7g instances

Amazon has released a new generation of its Graviton processors. The Graviton 3 for data centers are 25 percent faster than their predecessors and are intended to power new EC2 C7g setups in AWS. Amazon announced the new processors at its annual AWS re:Invent conference. The new ARM-based chipset is intended to handle memory-intensive tasks … Read more

JetBrains Releases Distributed and Lightweight IDE Fleet

JetBrains has released a new IDE in which code can be written both locally and remotely. Fleet is a lightweight editor that the company says is aimed at developers who want an all-round application. The tool is called Fleet and can be downloaded as a preview. JetBrains says the tool includes all the features users … Read more

Amazon releases software service for organized robot fleet management

Amazon has released a service that makes it easier for companies to manage a fleet of robots. AWS IoT RoboRunner makes it possible to connect robots and automation software and standardize the robot work. This service should make it more efficient for companies to organize task assignments for their robot fleets in one convenient place, … Read more

Microsoft will release OneDrive soon for Apple M1 and Arm version of Windows

Microsoft will soon release native Arm versions of OneDrive. The cloud storage service will get clients for the Arm version of Windows and Apple M1 devices. Both Arm versions will be available as beta in early December. MSPowerUser notes that the OneDrive versions for Windows on Arm and Apple M1 devices will roll out “early … Read more

Microsoft brings x64 emulation on Arm to Windows 11 only

Microsoft has made x64 app emulation on Arm64 widely available but only for PCs with Arm chips running Windows 11. The preview of x64 emulation ran on Windows 10 on ARM from December. Microsoft has announced the wide availability of x64 emulation for Windows 11 and the company emphasizes that it requires a PC running … Read more

Microsoft gives ‘black screen of death’ back its traditional ‘blue’

Microsoft is going to make the ‘black screen of death’ ‘blue’ again in Windows 11. Microsoft does not devote any other text in the update notes than that it ‘is the same as with previous Windows versions’. Ever since Windows 1.0, the Windows crash screen has been blue, but starting with Windows 11, Microsoft decided … Read more

Microsoft begins launch of revamped Microsoft Store for Windows 10

Microsoft has started rolling out the renewed Microsoft Store for Windows 10. According to an employee of the company, not every user will see the update immediately, because the company opts for a phased introduction. Since the end of October, interested parties can register for the Windows 10 Release Preview Insider channel to try out … Read more