Synology makes release candidate of DSM 7.0 available

Synology will release DSM 7.0 on Tuesday. The update for the DiskStation Manager was announced in 2018 and was due to be released in the first half of 2019, but has been postponed several times.

DSM 7.0 comes with several improvements over DSM 6.2. For DSM users with a Synology NAS, the disk management interface has been improved, and Synology also promises faster RAID 6 performance. Furthermore, the support for the SSD cache will be expanded. For example, an SSD cache can now be added and removed while the system is running.

In addition, the update contains a number of new security options. For example, USB and console ports can be blocked and users can be required to set up two-step verification. Also, passwords can no longer contain usernames and passwords must contain more different characters.

Synology adds an automatic repair feature with the 7.0 update, and drives in RAID configurations should recover faster when a drive is replaced. Synology has listed all improvements on the website.

DSM 7.0 is only supported for Synology systems with at least 1GB RAM, because the new version is heavier. Users can download the update from the Download Center.

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