Streacom introduces DB1 housing that can passively cool 45W APUs

Streacom introduces the DB1, a Mini-ITX housing that can passively cool CPUs and APUs up to 45W. The housing will be available for EUR 109 in the first quarter of 2021. A matching, passively cooled 90W power supply will therefore appear, which costs 68 euros.

The Streacom DB1 has dimensions of 222x222x101mm, making it not much bigger than the Mini-ITX motherboards for which the housing is designed. The housing has 4mm thick aluminum panels and a 21mm thick heatsink. With 6mm thick copper heat pipes, the heat is dissipated from the processor to the panels of the housing.

According to Streacom, the layout of the housing can be adjusted extensively, because every panel – and with it the mounting points – can be rotated. The included CPU mount is compatible with all current desktop sockets and an optional CPU mount is available for compatibility with less common sockets such as FCBGA1667 for Intel Xeon D server processors.

Streacom also makes a passively cooled 90W power supply that fits inside the case. It concerns the NanoPSU 90, with external ac adapter. The power supply is optionally available and is available simultaneously with the DB1 housing.